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    I haven't used AdvanceMap very much; the last time I used it was a few months ago, when I was messing around with tilesets (I was bored).
    Anyway, in RPG Maker XP, the tile passability is set for the tileset, rather than the map. For example, a tree tile is automatically unpassable. So, do you think the system in ROMs is better (setting the passability for each tile on the whole map)? It gives you a bit of flexibility, at the expense of mapping time. Would implementing a system in AdvanceMap that automatically set the passability of every tile on the map, based on its position in the tileset, improve the ease of mapping, or just make it more confusing?

    For that matter, does it bother anyone else that ROM hacking is so separate from game development? They're both basically the same thing, yet half the people in the ROM Hacking forum have never heard of the Game Development forum, let alone been there... I think the two activities should be closer together (hence my tool actually being made in RPG Maker XP, and also being compatible with the graphics naming scheme and format of the icon files in Pokémon Essentials, a starter kit for RPG Maker XP).