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Originally Posted by Atlus View Post
On another topic of A-Map; has anyone else realized that there's an option for setting the opacity of the movement permissions? I guess I never found it before, but it's pretty neat. Much easier to map the permissions when I can see what I'm mapping the movements over.
Yeah, I initially had trouble finding a good one but I eventually settled at 0.65, I believe.
I was thinking about maybe making a document that explained all of those little AdvanceMap features that most people don't know about (although in this case it seems a lot of people have already gone exploring).

Well as for your first suggestion, I think it would be nice to have a button or something which will set all the tiles to their respective movement permissions but afterwards, the player could go in manually and edit some if they didn't like what they saw. That way you get the best of both worlds: less mapping time and full control over passability (maybe we should suggest this to LU-HO, eh?).

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