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    Originally Posted by Charon the Ferryman View Post
    The opacity for me is set pretty low, because I sometimes have trouble determining what the hell the tile is underneath. So it's .7 for me. I agree, however, it's a very nice feature.

    Lol. I've been hacking Red Rescue Team for the lulz. Turns out most of the sprites are uncompressed and can be easily edited in any tile viewer. See attached images for an example in which I changed Eevee to a Venus Djinni and Torchic to a Mars Djinni. The colours aren't exact due to the palate restrictions, however... and I got lazy so I just changed a few of the sprites instead of the whole sheet.
    Me and The*4 used to do a bit of research on PMD... We decoded a bit of the scripting...
    I remember I wrote an crappy overworld editor, text editor, starter, pokemon, attack, and a bit other stuff...

    How serius are you in hacking the PMD, Would you like me to dig a bit of stuff up?
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