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Originally Posted by dragonarche View Post
oh wait
isn't there a game all redy called
pokemon the explorers of sky?
well anyway
nice hacks i really like the Heart gold and soul silver
tilesets good luck on it though,
Do you want to talk about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? That is a coincidence. I gave the name for this hack before PMD 3 is released.

Originally Posted by _Sin_ View Post
i think you need to design a new hero, if you do this, this hack will more awsome :D


This updates probably will have new tiles, but because my team has several small problems so it will be updated in next time. I updated before because i have a upcoming trip make me offline many days. (Google's Translation :D, if i have some mistakes, i hope anyone could correct them.)

I also made Rock Climb and some scripts like HM, but i haven't made the tiles and maps for this, so i can't update them now.

1/ Some Pokemon Sprites

2/ World Map

I remade the World Map. In the Fly Map, you can see some places can't use Fly, you may need the Teleport Services at the Pokemon Center

3/ New Tile For Hero's House

There are some hackers got them from D/P/P. I also like this tiles and brought them in this hack. Thanks to loitraitim who made its.

4/ Headbutt Trees

You can only catch some Pokemon by this way.

5/ Honey Tree

Slather the bark with Honey and come back after a few hours in game, you may meet a Pokemon such as Combee, Burmy...

6/ Mining Minigame

Like Underground in D/P/P (off course, it simplified) you can find many items when you try digging into the wall.
Here is the video:
That's all for today. I will bring other things in the next update. Bye, I have to prepare some things for the trip. ^ ^

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