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Emerald: Obtaining the National Dex
Obtaining the National Dex is simple, but necessary to trade with Fire Red and Leaf Green. Without it, both games will continuously produce link errors when linked together. Announcing your Pokmon for trade, or declaring battle in the Union Room will not be possible.

However, obtaining it is simple and straightforward. Exit your house after defeating the Elite Four. Professor Birch will give you and Yuuki/Haruka the National Dex.

Gaining Access to the Battle Frontier
Seems easy, but you have to board the Lilycove-Slateport (or vice versa) boat (there's a harbor in both cities). Enishida will meet up with you there and give you instructions of where to board the boat to the Battle Frontier. There, after getting to the main lobby of the entrance building, you will recieve a Frontier Pass which shows the areas of the Battle Frontier and shows your trainer card, and collected Frontier Badges. You can also view obtained Battle Points and watch the last battle you have done since asked if you wished to update your Frontier Pass with the new information.

Earning the Frontier Badges
Originally Posted by Mr Cat Dog
Silver Badges
Battle Dome Heath - Swampert, Salamence, Charizard (5 consecutive tournament wins)
Battle Tube Azami - Seviper, Milotic, Shuckle (28 consecutive room completions)
Battle Arena Kogomi - Heracross, Umbreon, Shedinja (27 straight battles and wins - 1v1 only... I think)
Battle Factory Datsura - I'm assuming it's random, since everone else in the Battle Factory is, but I'll have to check (21 battles - 1v1 only... I think again)
Battle Palace Ukon - Crobat, Slaking, Lapras (21 consecutive wins - 1v1)
Battle Pyramid Jindai - Regirock, Registeel, Regice (end of 21st floor)
Battle Tower Rira - Alakazam, Entei, Snorlax (35 consecutive wins - 1v1)

Gold Badges
Battle Dome - Superstar Heath: Swampert, Latias, Metagross (10 consecutive tournament wins/39 battles)
Battle Tube - Queen Azami: Seviper, Gyarados, Steelix (140 room completions)
Battle Factory - Head Datsura: Random (42 battles, 1v1 only)
Battle Arena - Captain Kogomi: Umbreon, Gengar, Breloom (56 battles, 1v1 only)
Battle Pyramid - King Jindai: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres (70th floor)
Battle Palace - Guardian Ukon: Arcanine, Slaking, Suicune (42 wins, 1v1 only)
Battle Tower - Tycoon Rira: Raikou, Snorlax, Latios (70 wins, 1v1 only)
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