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Charizard-kun, we might not be competing in the same segment. Most of Bulbasaur's moves are Grass-type, and most of the Grass-type moves are Smart. So, Edwin will participate in the Smart contest. None of Charmander's moves are Smart until level 20 with your Metal Claw progression, which is a bonus, since to make Charmander participate in a Smart contest (Intelligence Segment, so to speak) will be suicidal and will most certainly ensue in epic failure.

As in, your Charmander has a REALLY variable contest area. Seriously speaking, Charmander only does well in Beauty contests and then not even moderately well until high levels.

Bulbasaur (assuming it is level 13, as in my post)
Leech Seed - Smart
Vine Whip - Cool
PoisonPowder - Smart
Sleep Powder - Smart

Charmander (level 13 as well)
Scratch - Tough
Growl - Cute
Ember - Beauty
Metal Claw - Cool


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