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    But the goal of these contests is to win all 5 ribbons at each stadium. So if you plan to have Edwin enter the Grand Festival...Tai, Edwin, and Iris will each have to win all of the ribbons. But then again, I have more than 1 pokemon. I have Pikachu, and Pidgey.


    -Gust: Smart
    -Sand-Attack: Cute
    Tackle: Tough


    -Thundershock: Cool
    -Growl: Cute

    So Tai won't have any trouble winning several different categories. So I've changed the contest system just a tad, the contest stadium will give out 3 ribbons for each category per day. The stadiums will have 3 different contest hall rooms for each category as well, that way Tai, Nina, AND Edwin can get all of the ribbons. x3

    and btw, I've spoken with SHadowYashi and she's given me permission to bunny Nina for now! Yay, I'll try an get a post in as soon as I can! -Runs off to post-
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