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    Team Name

    Project Faith

    Team Leader


    Current Members

    • Cail (spriter,mapper,idealist)

    Current Game

    Pokémon Faith

    Current Progress Made

    Map: 10%
    Fakemon: 100%
    Trainer Sprites: 75%
    Pokemon Sprites: 75%
    Script: 0% (I'm a Beginner Scripter)

    Positions Needed

    • Scratch Pokémon spriter (Fakemon) - back, mini, and menu icons
    • Overworld spriter (Platinium style)
    • Trainer spriter (scratch sprites only)
    • Musician/sound effects (i.e. Pokémon cries) Maybe
    • Tileset artist
    • Programmer/ Coder/ Scripter
    • Writer/ Idealist - I'll handle most of it
    • Mapper (caves/dungeons/victory road, city/town, inside maps) - I'll handle most of this
    • Testers - only 5 testers for the demo
    • Wireless/Internet Station - im trying to put this in so people will be able to battle others throw thre computer on the game.


    GMT+ Eastern US/Canada

    Method of Contact

    Email- [email protected]
    [email protected]

    PM- Cail

    Forums- Pokemonvolcano forums (Death angel)
    (i will create a froums for the game later in time)

    Additional Info

    • I only want experienced staff members who can produce high-quality work.
    • I want someone who is able to do Day & nigth tinting in the game and in battle
    • There will be 112 new pokemon to choose from, and 10 new moves including and extra HM.
    • If you look ing to do the sprites all sprite sizes must be (64x64 128x128)
    • The story line so for is rigth here comment on it and tell me what i should improve on.
    Stroy Line

    Jaden is a young boy who lives in the small town of Silice.
    He earns a living by going on paper routes, while helping his family pay rent.

    One day Jaden found a mysteries riolu with great power on his paperoute.
    The riolu was hurt so jaden took him in 1 day later riolu was happy with his new home and decied to stay with the family.
    Little did jaden know that the riolu was wanted by dangerous men know as the Saints.
    They plotted to capture all the rare pokemon in Swefy, and control them.

    The Saints come to silice to capture the powerful riolu but Jaden battles them off, but the take his parents instead.
    Jaden goes to his towns pokemon professer, Professer Jay.
    He tells him about the situation and he gives him his own pokemon and his son Jason as a partner.

    In the game you have a partner that follows you at all time.
    New pokemon mixed with D/P pokemon.
    You can choose to be a Saint or Pokemon Ranger.
    Ash, Paul, Misty, May, Dawn, Jessie, Professer Rowan, and Professer Oak are in the game.
    You have three rivals instead of one.
    New Region.
    new map.
    24 badges.
    3 champions.
    Tag Team Champion
    Tag Team Gyms

    I've already created the pokemon and I'm using most of the sprites from D/P/P, but i also made my own custom sprites.
    This project shouldn't take long since i've already finished most of the work over the years.

    PM me or Reply to this theard for the job