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Hello, I'm Dew, and this username is according to the game I'm developing with RPGXP. I'm new on PokeCommunity and sometimes my English isn't perfect, because I'm Dutch. This game is about an old, trusted hero everyone knows, Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. But what would have became from him if he didn't met Misty and Brock? Maybe if he just didn't overslept himself and could choose out of three starter Pokémon. Well, in this game we'll see, because Ash is traveling to another, new regio. He takes the boat from Pallet Town, but Pallet Town includes some new features, to start with, a harbor. In this adventure you'll meet nice people, you also will be able to do quests, as example, picture 5.

I will not give you anymore info about the story line, but I do need help for this project. The whole game is going to be in D/P/P/HG/SS style and also very much buildings, characters and furniture is customized. You'll meet a brand new Poké Center, Mart and the new building, the Battle Shop. What's able to buy in there, you'll see...

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Now I need these persons:
- someone who can make some scripts (like an HM script or something)
- someone who can make a map (suprise me)
- Fakemon spriter (if I draw 'em, you'll sprite 'em)