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Originally Posted by Black Yoshi View Post
Shiny Baltoy lv14 Bold
Shiny Mime Jr. lv16 Modest

CMT for offers
I'll check your thread in a bit.

Originally Posted by de_darkrai View Post
yup...btw,where's the files?
Sorry, the r4 broke. Can't do files til the new one arrives.

Originally Posted by Johnpokemontrainer View Post
RNC do youby any chance have a blastoise or a charzard to trade?
I have a lv.100 tropius
Gentle nature
Stats Hp(324) Atk(187) Def(183) Sp.Atk(168) Sp.Def(253) speed(129)

Thank you for your time....
Yes I do have a blastoise and charizard, but don't need a tropius.

Originally Posted by Ginji View Post
Yo, my movie arceus for your 10 ANIV Umbreon lv70 Calm ID 06808?
Sounds good, vm me when your back on here please.
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