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    Pokemon Regions ( PR )

    Made with : BYOND

    My friends and I were inspired to make an online
    pokemon game. So we decided to make one and it's going
    to be a good one at that. PR is an online pokemon game
    with multiple regions like kanto and johto. Having all
    pokemon from the deep seas to the high mountains.

    You start off in the game as a young kid wanting to make something of his/her life in the world of pokemon. As your quest begins you choose your birthplace. You can pick from Kanto , Johto , Hoenn or Sinnoh starting in the pokemon academy in each region and having the choice to pick your own path. Each major action affects your story, but all ending with the power to travel to each region freely. Lets see what you make of yourself....

    Non-Turnbased battle system/Mystery dungeon style (Realtime)
    All Pokemon from all 4 generations
    Remake of old towns/cities
    Renting/Buying Houses
    Join teams like Rocket,Magma and Aqua
    Get jobs like being a pokemon ranger or researcher
    Travel to other regions including sevii islands.
    Hidden areas that require certain pokemon or HMs that you recive from another region like Rock Climb and Dive
    Change Outfits
    Night/Day system
    Swarming Pokemon (Muliple pokemon attacking at once. screenshot below)
    IN GAME calennder and Seasons

    ::Production Team::

    trainergreen22 (Yekcir is my BYOND key) : Mapper , Spriter , Main Coder
    Ty 1 (Key from BYOND) : Main Coder
    Paranoieew (Key from BYOND) : Sub Coder
    Vee (Key from BYOND) : Additional support , Sub Coder


    Pallet town.

    Veridian city.

    Saffron city.

    Flygon using sandstorm. (the battle system is unfinished)

    Attack of the swarming magnemites.

    *~Credit to Kyledove for Tiles~*


    July 22 09- New Bark Town, Finshed coding autotiles, and finished Cherrygrove City.

    Extra screens

    August 23 09- Winter Tiles completed for Mahogany Town