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Originally Posted by kitsukitty View Post
Thanks, but would help more if you came for suggestions or asked questions, or explained why you like it. That way we can excel!
And if your interested, you may want to subscribe or put the banner on your signature. Thank you.

Well there's no garuntee that a fakemon not made by a designer will make it to the game. Please note that I will use kind critism on your work.

Well, overall they're not very good for the game. When you make fakemon, you need to make them unique. Not to be rude, but your fakemon don't have enough uniqueness! What I mean is that it doesn't look very special. Remember to add markings and parts that aren't usually on that regular animal.

Thank you! Yes, the key to making Pokémon is to always make it unique!

If you are creative enough, I may approve you to be a designer. Please don't beg me to though. (It's sorta happened before)
If you're any good at sprites, I'd love to see them. I'm still looking for good spriters.
i wasnt aware i was begging i was only seeing if i could draw anything no worries i dont mind thanks though

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