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Originally Posted by payas0 View Post
a symbian version of pokesav ..
whew ..
i want it, i want it, i want it ..
because i usually hack pokemon roms w/ my nokia 6630 .. w/ hex edittor ..
I do alot of things w/ my s60 ..
s60 is almost like a c0mputer !!
thats what i usually do on my s60 ph0ne ..
n0w i wanted to enter the ROM HACKiNG SCENE and i kn0w,
it is p0ssible t0 have a POKESAV for s60 ..
less features? that would do it ..
as l0ng as i can edit .sav files on it ..
haha ..
i wish s0meone here can make a SYMBiAN versioN of this POKESAV ..
PKSV started as an acronym of PoKemon Script Viewer, that was before I'd implemented compiling (and it's come such a way since then). PokeSav, sometimes also abbreviated PKSV, is a tool for editing Pokemon save files, not Pokemon ROMs.

If you do mean PKSV, could you please point me in the direction of a development environment for Symbian OS?
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