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    Actually, I think it might be a bit better if all of us collaborate on ideas for advancing the plot. I think I was wrong to assume that Dream would take care of everything (no offense), and as he's finding it a bit difficult to come up with ideas for it, it's about time some of us pitched in. I just recently came up with some such ideas, so I'll send them to Dream shortly.

    I honestly think Nano's just fine in his position, especially in terms of plot advancement, as he's probably able to post more often than me. Besides, I'm in three other RPG's besides this one, and might start one of my own within the next couple of weeks. I can help with accepting/rejecting people, but as long as Lugia Freak and Umbreon are still active, we probably don't need any new members. Currently there are six trainers in our group, and twelve Pokemon. That's a pretty good number in my opinion.

    Haha, in fact, just recently I went over in my head what kinds of Pokemon were in the group. I noticed that we have no Poison, Ground, Flying, Bug, Dragon, Rock, or Steel-type Pokemon, and the only Pokemon we have that's suitable for riding on is an Arcanine (so nothing that can fly, although maybe Poli can carry someone in the water). We have two Fire-types, two Water-types, one Grass-type, one Electric-type, one Ice-type, and two Psychic-types. Our most popular type is Fighting, with three Pokemon (Gallade, Riolu, and Poliwrath). And with the exception of Rigel, all our Pokemon are smaller than a person. I'm not saying that any of these things are bad, but I thought it might be fun to provide statistics. Hee hee, after a while of being in an RPG it's fun getting to know the characters a bit better...

    Hmmm, Shadow Umbreon said he was "leaving the RP for a while", but he didn't say for how long. I hope he'll be back soon... though letting us bunny his character shall help in the meantime.

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