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    Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post

    Reloaded. Much more mature look... his coat changed colours over night because I think he looks better with blue on a green trainer card. Also, a BG change to the standards of Charizard-kun, Raikiri-kun and GP-chan. Now, Yashi-kun, you're the only one with a weirdly-coloured trainer card... =P (D=)

    Sprite resources stolen from Pokecharms, so I didn't remove that credit because otherwise they would hunt me down.

    Also, I'm offering myself and my services as a card maker/trainer sprite supersplicer and shader. Iris's trainer in the card doesn't look like Iris AT ALL... and neither does Leon. Starla doesn't have a card. The situation looks horrible for all parties involved. So, without further ado, I'll show up with the cards... about a week from now. K? =D
    oh em gee... THANK THANK YOU THANK YOU <33333333333333 I loooove you cirrus

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