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well finally on the third page kitty well don and i will be back in a short while so stay tuned
Oh really? lol. I missed you.. XD

So are you working on the male OW trainer, or is someone doing that already? I'm still a beginner in OW so I'm not trying to ask for any work (yet) but I am just curious. I like the Female Trainer btw. If I can ever get back into practicing spriting I will help. Good luck with your project
Well, the sprites in the screens are just prototypes taken staright from the starter kit. So right now the male is just the standard male that comes with the game. I'd love for you to make the OW sprites if you turn out good enough.

The fakemon need a little work but, other than that it is good.
Well there really is no way to rate a fakemon(unless it's very boring and un-unique...).
Because you can't rate them all on just one thing, you really can't say anything, except the fact that they're all made in different styles.
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