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Originally Posted by Ritchie View Post
NEW! I made this fusion of Metang, Foretress and Venonat.

NEW! Mostug sprite was remade from scratch, this one's better and even proffesional looking! I'm proud of myself.


As you can see it's wings resemble those of Hemosquito and it's shading improved, its pose changed (obviously). Tell me what you think?
The hands are what made it look better, and the hands aren't even yours. Perhaps don't try to pull off calling Nintendo's Haunter's Hands your own. The sprite itself IMO still needs some work too, the end of the body is all jagged and I'm still finding it hard too see the mosquito portion of him, except for the stinger/nose. 3/5 but 2/5 cuz of the stolen hands.
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