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Originally Posted by Ochitsuite View Post
Well the screens look pretty good. Lets hope you stick with it, but will you change the OW for the hero?
I am sticking with it. I do plan to make an Overworld.

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Nice idea and the best thing is that Riolu is starter :)
I'm looking forward to next updates good luck :)
And the glitch TM? That will be great even if it wasn't on purpose :D
There are no more glitches in the game, why? I started over again on a new rom and got back to the point I was before.

Originally Posted by rikudaman View Post
Those are some nice starters and it's interesting to see them at lvl 1 but wouldn't it be hard to beat a lvl 3 pidgey if you lose to your rival
Originally Posted by ~BZuma View Post
the levels in the wild would proberly be lowered
Yes, you're right. At least for the first few routes. Same with Trainers.

Well, here's more screenshots:

These are screens of Team Death, in what will be Mt. Shinigami. I still haven't gotten around to editing Mt. Moon.

The way they dress, you can tell they're a weird cult.

Also, I got bored yesterday, and decided I wanted to make a Fakémon. But, this Fakémon fits in with Team Death. So, here's the new Fakémon, it will be used a lot by Team Death too.

Darghosird (Name Origin: Dark + Ghost + Bird)

Finally, here's the Male Hero:

I know it's not that great looking, but I'm proud of it, it's the first half-decent looking Intro sprite that I've done on a FireRed Hack. Also, this is showing that I'm changing around some Palletes.
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