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    Originally Posted by Freak A View Post
    hey dont be that harsh on him i think its a good pic just needs a bit work but its not worth bashing him just tell him to try again
    Freak, I'm not bashing him!
    I'm giving him critique, which is just kindly telling someone, honestly how their work is. I didn't say "your art sucks," did I? No, I was telling him what he needed to work on. Bashing and critique are very different. If I was bashing I'd say "Your art needs alot of work" or "it sucks"... something mean like that. Critique always sounds rude somehow, but that's not the point of it...

    Originally Posted by pokekingkian View Post
    thanks u2

    um the guide i used is

    for paint

    ive made a fire type but if you didnt like this one theres no point showing this one o well

    i might try that program you used and give it a shot

    Okay. GIMP is very good, work with it some and I'm sure you'll breakthrough.
    That tutorial isn't too good... But it is for beginners. You may want to check Wichu's Spriting Tutorial. But it is good to just start from the basics.

    Originally Posted by Freak A View Post
    well you could try it though its a very hard to use programme
    Not really... Most Paint users will find it hard at first because GIMP has so many features, but that's what makes it much better. And I don't think he came to you for advice... please don't tell him things like that, it can be ovewhelming. You just have to practice with it first and you'll get used to it...
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