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Originally Posted by Deoxys55 View Post
Just out of curiousity, what was Mimibud supposed to look like/be inspired by? Or was it just something you came up with? It doesn't look like anything I've seen before. =3

Anyway good luck with the game, making 150 new pokemon is going to be challenging, but hopefully fun. I'm working on completing about 90 of them with my sisters, and we have a lot of ideas that we might not use. So assuming that I don't get swamped with work when school starts, I wouldn't mind helping design new pokemon for you.

And on an almost completely unrelated note, I love opals. o3o
Mimibud. It wasn't meant to be anything at all. It's just a cute little thing, I guess. I don't remember how I thought it up at all.
Maybe that's just my hidden artist ability... ^o^

Yes. It'll be a while. But I think all the Pokémon will be finished by January or February next year... We're going very fast and there's so many designers who want to work for me!

For you to be a designer you'll need an intermediate artist ability, so you'll have to know how to make shads and shines, and all the basics. So, yup, all those guidelines for the proportionalness! I have to see some examples first. (Because sketches aren't qualifying).
Keep in mind I will critique your art as nicely as possible. I don't bash... Like someone said I did. <_<

Originally Posted by Kitsunez View Post
Kitsu, it was a signature. He wasn't calling you that~ Silly.
That wasn't his siggy. It's right below where I'm writing. You know, the raw posts.
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