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    Originally Posted by Vampire://Krimm View Post
    Pokemon Ryen is without a doubt one of the most graphically well done games around! Very nice tiles, and you're always updating them! Your mapping is top-notch as well, if I do say so myself~

    The HGSS tiles are very nice and sleek, and I'm loving the screenshots of the locations! :3 My only complaint would be the car tiles; they seem randomly placed throughout the cities, they're larger than the pathways (They'd need a road to drive on), and they seem like they would be a bit too big for the OWs to fit in. Maybe if you made them smaller?

    Oh and I just noticed your Team Galactic FR/LG OWs. VERY CUUUTE <3 I am a sucker for FR/LG styled OWs loool.
    lol thanks! I've been trying to improve my mapping (It was too crowded) so I'm glad i'm getting some results. The cars are more of a decorative thing though and some of the cars have items inside of them. They would serve more like an obstacle if I placed them on a road. So for now they're parked.

    Originally Posted by Mafi View Post
    I love your tiles!! You are doing an excelent work. I don´t like the FR minis, but if you like them...
    Thanks. I might redo the grunt ow's but the i'm keeping the saturn ow.

    Originally Posted by Ty 101 View Post
    Love the tiles.
    I like the new battle graphics.
    But, please tell us that you are not going to include all of kanto.
    I guess i'll use the battle graphics then! Why not all of Kanto? It'll happen right after the main storyline of Ryen.

    Originally Posted by Luka S.J. View Post
    I have to say (don't want to sound like a n00b) I worship your tiles and maps :D They are just too good. As for the battle graphics, they look awsome. :D
    Glad to hear you like them!

    Originally Posted by Neo-Dragon View Post
    I second that statement. Really great looking game without a doubt!
    Good job on both the map work (which is what all RMXP maps should feel like) and excellent tiles.
    Thank you. Nice to hear you like the tiles an maps!

    Originally Posted by PokemonOI View Post
    How the Hell did I miss this?
    Anywho, i agree with Krimm and Neo.
    As I run through only a few games in my mind this may be the most beautiful game around here. Cant really think of all the games but yea thats saying something aswell.
    Pallet looks great dude keep it up.
    ....Also why does no one post here? but the same people?
    Thanks OI. And it's not about posts, I just want to know what i need to improve on.

    Originally Posted by sonic smash down View Post
    stares at yet another marvoulous update: you did a great job the new tiles you've made all the maps on the screenshots look incredible, and as for pallet town, i simply love it. It was always to small for me to play on in fr/lg but if you went by the true anime like CA is doing, the maps would be to ginormous for any one player. I think you captured just the right size of pallet town dude!

    great job and can't wait to see more from Ryen
    Yeah I'm not really a fan of huge open maps. I always consider what the player will see when playing the game not on how the map look like as one single piece.

    Originally Posted by <~F.M.P~> View Post
    Ahhhh...The tiles and maps are really soothing to my eyes. You did a very good job on this update, and I'm mostly loving the Battle system graphics that you've put up. the look of the textbox is what got me the most. I love how the colors match and everything. Some of the most simple things can be the best ;) Great job.
    Thanks. I actually made the graphics before any clear pics of them were released so I'm glad you like them.


    (prototype, new one with protagonists and flosting gems coming soon...)
    Tittle screen music currently custom remix of metroid zero mission tittle screen music...

    Something I missed:
    I actually meant to mention this last update but it completely slipped my mind. Pokemon Ryen has a few more positions to fill. The first would be a Move animator. I need someone to make animations for all pokemon moves (I have no skill at making animations). They should be made in rpg maker xp using sprites from here:
    or custom sprites. They can't be pixelated or be default animations from rpg maker xp.
    The second job would be a scripter. I need someone who is familiar with RGSS to script out things such as a custom summary screen or minigames. Now here's Ryen's new menu system which venom 12 kindly volunteered to script out. So credit goes to him for the script!

    Pokemon Ryen's new Menu system!:
    Here's Pokemon Ryen's new menu system. Credit to venom 12 for the script.

    There are still a few things to work out but it works fine at the moment.
    Any suggestions?

    Now that was short, which is why this followed so shortly after the last update. Hopefully the positions mentioned before will be filled before the release of the demo. so...

    Till next Time!

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