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    "Breaking news!" announced anchorman Patrick "Local updates on Twinleaf's mystery lake pokemon! Our camera man, Wayne has recently caught on tape a red Gyrados." said anchorman. (Static sound) "What happened?" yelled Damien as he ran down the stairs from his room. He took one look at his mother, and he knew that she did something that had to do with the TV losing connection. She was rolling her eyes suspiciously. He asked to his Mother "What did you do to my TV connection, mom?" Damien's mother replied "Well, I didn't want you watching that, you know how you are with mysteries" Damien replied "I know, I know. But I wanted to watch that! It was a great TV Program!" Damien's mother said "End of conversation. Your not watching it." Damien stormed out of the house. When he ran out of the house, he accidentally bumped into Dawn who was carrying a case. "Sorry, Dawn" said Damien "'s alright" replied Dawn softly. Damien could tell she was a little hurt. So he helped her up. "Thanks" said Dawn. Damien asked her why she was carrying a case to his house. "Well, silly, don't you remember?" asked Dawn "I don't knock" replied Damien "Prof. Smith told me to bring you your new pokemon today!" stated Dawn "Oh, great..." sighed Damien "My mom said I couldn't have one without her permission.." Dawn replied with a soft hum. "Well how do you suppose I could get the pokemon?" asked Damien "Well, just give me five minutes with her." said Dawn with pride. Damien stepped aside from the door, and said "Alright. Go ahead, try." Dawn came out about two minutes later, and said "Well, you can get your pokemon!"

    I will update this thread when I get some responses. The update will be the new part of the entire series.
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