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Originally Posted by EBAiscool View Post
Yes, the intro sprite looks like the shading hasn't been done. Same with the dark ghost fakemon, looks kinda odd to me o_o. I love the Monster energy drink though... It maybe seem a bit better for like a battle item to boost speed, but what the heck, it sounds good :)
The maps are looking good, starters are pretty decent, try to put not so much cussing if there is a lot, the storyline seems pretty cool, and I hope there are many scripts coming in here. Best luck to you, and I'm looking forward to it! And i hope cartmin can come in this hack...? lol
The intro sprite, yeah. That does lack some shading. Darghosird (the Fakémon), there's shading on it. It may be hard to see, but there is. Also, I originally intended it to look kinda strange.

Cartman may be in the hack, BUT, that would be way later.

Here's some screenshots:

Progress on the Title Screen, is coming along pretty well. I want to replace Charizard with
Darkrai and Spiritomb. So, other than adding those two, the title screen is completed.

Here's the overworld of the Male Hero, plus, if you look at areas that were previously shown. You'll notice something, no flowers. Since, it was an annoyance to most, I got rid of them. Plus, a look at the entrance of Silver Forest, which is located on Silver Path and the Silver Forest leads directly to Silver City.


I've made more pallete changes and changed the grass tile.

This is one of the cameos of people not actually from Pokémon, but have a part in this game's plot. More characters, will be in the game.

Here's screenshots focusing on the Team Death Investigation HQ, plus an event.:

Some humorous dialouge, this is also parodying myself; as I have had Type 1 Diabetes for almost 10 years. Plus,
come on, with all the sweets he eats, who wouldn't expect him to get a disease from it.

L's assistant, I guess.

Meeting L. You get to battle him later on in the game.

L's serious about it, he wants you to keep this Giratina.

The result of him giving you Giratina.

The L battle is guaranteed, I have his trainer sprite already made and inserted into the game.
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