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Originally Posted by klinkdawg View Post
Just a quick question...

i put a video up on youtube but i can't post it cause this is my first post and i need 15 just search for pokemon hack help and look at the 5th one down. should be by klinkdawg.

when i go into the lakefront that i have made i come up on the warps that i have set up there. but then when i try to go back out, the warps won't take me back to where i was before. its like they aren't even there. i am almost positive i have them set up right in advance map, but they still won't work. please help me.

PS - Sorry if this is the wrong section. i'm new here and really don't know my way around and this seemed like the place to post
I'm pretty sure you are returning to the right warp. Check the warp number of the warp that you wish to return to. Then, make sure that number matches the "goto" warp in your lakefront map.

For example. Let's say your lakefront is at 0x5 0x5 0x2.

You would want to put in:
Warp 2
Bank 5
Map 5

But remember, that's just an example. Use a similar method to fix your warp.