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    Originally Posted by Ty 101 View Post
    I don't like how the maps and such are not tile based.

    If they are they don't look like it.
    The ground is tile based, the objects can be tile or pixel based. Tile base really only helps lining up buildings and making some objects symmetrical. Pixel base is better for most objects like trees, grass, bushes, etc as you can place them exactly where you want and not be limited by squares. In other words, tiles are old news. However the map editor does support tiled objects, it's just not something we want people to go overboard with when pixel objects give much more freedom.

    As far as the map goes, this is clearly a test map as most of the tiles and objects don't even match.
    Originally Posted by Garnet View Post
    that looks amazing! oh, and I had an idea for certain attacks, like bullet seed or barrage... maybe you get like 5 chances to fire, and they go in a straight line(or curved depending on the attack, or possibly even spread out). after all 5 are fired, you have to reload, which would take a moment. o.o
    Yeah those multiple hit attacks will have cooldowns, this way they aren't just spamming bullets like machine guns in the Matrix.