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Originally Posted by Graceful View Post
Shop Name (Please put here the name of the your shop): The Fantasy Shrine
Shop Owner/Workers: Graceful + Autumn Star
Shop Location: The Fantasy Shrine
Banner :
Status (Open or Closed):
Ok, I'll add you, but I hate to be a pain, the banner is a bit to big.. :)

That goes for you to Kayla. :D!

Originally Posted by C:\PC\Ezzo View Post
Can Loki or someone close my shop?
It's the one with my name in it. I'll be opening a new one and post the information here later.

I'll do it. :D

Originally Posted by GodofPH View Post
Add me to the directory, if you please. :)

Shop Name: GodofPH's Shadow Raptor Galleria and Signature Request Shop
Shop Owner: GodofPH
Shop Location: Here
Status: Open (0/2)

Ok, I'll add you, that banner is awesome, but to big. :)
Originally Posted by Kayla Ann View Post
Shop Name it was Air Bourne Graphics, But i want to change it to Rock Shop
Shop Owner/Workers :I Own it, One intern/worker, Graceful
Shop Location :
Banner :
Status (Open or Closed): Open


You joined PC!!!! I hope I helped! :D

Anyway, can you make the banner 350x100
I'm sorry.. :( But that's the set size... Anyway... Kayla!!!!
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