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    Hey there...

    Today, I'm going to present ya a game project which has taken two years of strict planning and polishing, as well as the invaluable help of my collaborators, which helped me give it the last touches to the story and several inputs to this project, reason for which I give them full credit.

    Well, without further ado, let me present ya... Pokemon Azurite:

    Welcome to the land of Sihma


    In this adventure, you'll travel though the Sihma region, a large, island region home to many unknown species and ancient secrets buried in the sand. The region itself is so large it is divided in three sections:

    Uniga, the first island and where your adventure begins, is a large, mountainous island with large, underground cave networks. Its mountains are also rich in valuable objects.

    Diiga, a glacier world, is an icy group of two long islands close to each other. It is partially covered with snow because of the glaciers which still shape it's valleys. Snowfall is common in this place all year long.

    Remains Islands, a small group of nearby islands which, as legends tell, were once a large area which was ravaged by devastation, leaving only remains of it's former glory.

    The large sea routes that connect the different sections are the only way to travel throughout the region. It's seas are full of ancient ruins and treasures, and it's shores and valleys are marked by a dark legend which, if repeating itself, would mean the end of the world as we know it...
    Your story begins in Salwood Town, a small town in Uniga, home of the region’s Pokemon Lab and Professor Lily, which is an expert on Pokemon adaptation. You are an enthusiast who helps Professor Lily with her investigations in her Lab. You have always wanted your own Pokemon, but because of multiple reasons, you haven’t been able to get yours... until now.

    You wake up from a nightmare. The same dream has been haunting you since a week now and you wonder what it is. You then check your clock… you’re late to the Lab. You were supposed to be there an hour ago. You rush to the Lab and find out the Professor went out for something yet unknown. You go outside to look for her, and before you get outside, she enters the Lab.

    She bugs you with your delay and then says you you’re going with her to Route 601 to search for Pokemon. Once there, the Professor tells you she's searching for one of three specific Pokemon (starters). You choose anyone of them and go on searching until you spot it, then it runs away. You follow the fleeing Pokemon until you reach a small clearing. The small Pokemon can no longer run and you catch it with ease.

    Now, you then decide to go back to the Lab when you are attacked by a wild Pokemon. You must then battle the attacking Pokemon with the only Pokemon you’ve got. You win, or so you thought… The Pokemon recovers and tries to attack you again. Your Pokemon is tired and can’t battle any longer. Then, someone appears and captures the attacker Pokemon. He then helps you and together return to the Lab.

    You are received by the Professor, who then introduces you Jack (the guy who saved you earlier), and tells you he just moved in town today so she went to meet him. Then Jack talks about your battle and how outstanding you were, in spite of the near-defeat. The Professor then decides to give you the Pokemon you just caught as a gift. Now that you have a Pokemon, you decide to go on in your journey through the world.

    As your story unfolds, you'll find out about the region's dark past, and will acknowledge there are some who wish to use it for their own convenience, and, without you even noticing, you'll be dragged into this plot, becoming witness and actor of this struggle between factions as they struggle to achieve their plans... plans no one wishes to be accomplished.
    Throughout the game, you'll find several new stuff and some comebacks to really test the player in his/her quest for the Championship. I'll now be enlisting some of the features to be expected in this game:
    • New characters
    • + nearly 100 new Pokemon species with new type matchups
    • New abilities, moves and items
    • Two new, more passionately evil teams
    • New Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champion
    • More fierce, complex battle system
    • Extended Day/Night System with changing Weather and Seasons
    • Real-time Clock for coordination with the real world
    • Soul World and Close Space make an appearance (special, rule-breaking places like Distortion World)
    • + much more...
    Join the Team...
    The project runs fine right now. We've got up to the first city mapped... and still growing. Any help would be welcome. Below you'll find the most important positions to be filled:


    Coders -> The project is rather ambitious, so it is intended to be in Flash or RPG Maker while no Actionscript coder is found. Anyone capable of coding in any of this two platforms is welcome.

    Musicians -> The music and sounds for this game are intended to be special and unique.

    Tiler -> Although I can develop most of the graphics, I'm unable to tile well. Help in this area will be welcome.

    Testers -> To try out any release for the game, to help with the debug and user experience. Anyone is welcome to apply.

    To apply, just leave me a PM or VM with the basic stuff: name, area to apply, previous work, preferred method of contact, and so on...

    Apart from this, any ideas for new moves, abilities, items or Pokemons will be welcome. Critics are also received...
    Chronic -> General graphics, Plot, Idealist and Direction S1
    Maky -> Coding, Plot, Idealist and Direction S2
    pokekingkian -> Spriter, Idealist and Beta Testing
    RataHack -> Tiling
    agent destroyer -> Coding
    divine.murder -> Story, Idealist and Beta Testing
    Nintendo; for the Pokemon general idea, some resources and structure.
    DarkKay and Maky; for giving me the final touches and motivation to take the project to the next step.
    Blazers; for the support banners.
    Kyledove; for tiles.
    poccil; for Starter Kit.




    Read ya later...