Thread: FireRed hack: [HotM September] Pokémon Eruption
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    Well, I'm not sure if Cyndaquil or its evos can learn Eruption but it is the game's namesake...
    Also, I was thinking that you might be able to include some sort of story event in which Cyndaquil is forced to adapt, possibly learning moves he otherwise couldn't have used.
    Here are a few ideas for that:
    1. Possibly learns heat wave to fend off multiple enemies.
    2. Rock Slide, or some rock type attack, while working in the mountains (probably as a later evo).
    3. Solarbeam, since it sort of corresponds with the fire type, and it needs a counter to water and rock-types.
    You could have the professor ask to examine the Cyndaquil, and declare it an unusual specimen, you could just insert the events in-game, you could even borrow from the TCG and call it a Delta Species. The main idea would be to give it a slightly more versatile move-pool. If you'd like, I can type up a more elaborate description of what I mean and PM it to you.
    Anyhoo, thanks for making a great hack. But what's this I hear? The game doesn't end with the glasses request? Well, where the heck are the glasses???
    Oh well, I'd better get searching.
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