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    Yes, this is a one man project. I try to do most myself, sometimes there are somethigns I just can't do myself (like shiny hack) or things that are just stupid if I would do it myself (decapitalisation, altough I already decapitilised every item + description and attack + description)


    Kyanite has no long story like most hack, instead you;kk meet several characters in ten different sub plots; small story lines (altough some of them are of decent lenght).
    Each story is about one or two characters, the gym leaders and professor Beech to name a few.

    Today I'll reveal a small part about the first of the plots...

    Short Man's first villian!
    Shorts Man is (almost) a normal kid from the Shiku region. He thinks he is a super hero, this sometimes result in awkward situations. This time it's serieus, because he received a weird letter and he knows for sure it's a evil super villian that tries to destroy him! The villian has to be stopped before it's too late...

    Drowzeeman and Pidgeottoman screens: Shorts Man is quite fond of creating villians that don't excist at all...

    To the next update and beyond!