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Originally Posted by score_under View Post
Actually, it was no "closemsg" needed with "release" because release has a closemsg built in - though you should always end your scripts, unless you're jumping.

Also, he doesn't need to set a flag, he was using an AdvanceMap script event - a var needed to be set instead.
However he sent me a patch and we managed to sort the script out between us.

No doubt the next difficult part is to get the thief to stay in the right place after the script.

(Also, if you notice, I blocked off a few small areas making it impossible for that script event not to be activated when you walk into the town.)
yeah I notice that when I go to another map the team rocket guy gose back were he started from (and the market person) how do I make them
stay put

mmm I have an idea what if at the end of script I put disapear than make an extra copy thats invisable and place in its script reapear
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