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Originally Posted by Hana~ View Post
I've got error 339:

Component vbalCbEx6.ocx or one of its dependencies missing or invalid.

I've downloaded vbalCbEx6.ocx and am running Vista. Help?

First of all, what are you trying to ask?
If you don't know how to get that file to work with Sappy, then I may be able to help.
When you downloaded "vbalCbEx6.ocx", I'm assuming it was a in a zipped folder. If so,
move the folder to your Sappy folder. Right-click on the folder, and click "extract here".
Hopefully you won't have the same problem that I do (See my last post). If that is the
case, then I can no longer help you.
If the error message keeps popping up, then check and see if the file you extracted
actually is named "vbalCbEx6.ocx". If it isn't, then go back to the site and make sure you are downloading the right one. If the file's name is "vbalCbEx6.ocx", then make sure
that the file is in the same folder as the Sappy program and all of the rest of its components. That is all I can do. Sorry:(.
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