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    I installed PKSV and used Advanced Map but I don't see a way to save
    it. It keeps wanting me to save my work to a file, but I don't see a
    way to save it to the rom. I've tried compiling it but when I reopen
    the script, it changes back to the condition before I saved it. I'm using v2.0.4.
    Is there a specific order I have to do it in? Cause I'm trying to use the disappear function, but every time I try to complie it, the set flag number changes.

    #org 0x88013BF
    checkflag 0x224
    if 0x1 jump 0x88013E7 ' Equal To
    cry 0xB9 0x3828
    nop0 ' #raw 0x0
    msgbox 0x88013EC ' GYAOOOO!!!!
    callstd MSG_NORMAL ' Normal message
    battle 0xB9 0x28 0x0
    special 0x137
    disappear 0x800F
    setflag 0x6C24

    #org 0x88013E7

    #org 0x88013EC
    = GYAOOOO!!!!