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    Originally Posted by Luka S.J. View Post
    I think you are not going to get many people to code flash for you. Unless you are good at it, or are using more familiar programs (like RMXP) you'll be stuck in the planning phase a bit longer. Why not try to use the starter kit if you are unable to begin development and once you are better with scripting and have a larger team, you could start with coding it to some other platform. Personally I would like to help, but I'm terrible at spriting, and even worse with flash.
    We decided it would be better in Flash partly because it's very similar to the programming languages we know and partly because we wanted a higher challenge (can be summarized as "we wanted to struggle with the "scratch engine" problems")...

    Any help is welcome... The ones I posted are the most urgent ones, but anyone is welcome to help in whatever they can.

    Originally Posted by pokekingkian View Post
    hey im intrested the storyline is cool just wondering what are the starters? or dont you want 2 reveal? just wondering can i test for bugs


    Well, the Starters will be explained shortly... Of course you may check for bugs... I'll contact you when we have something for you to test.

    Well, a small spoiler for the game:

    The Starters for the game are as follows:

    Ailambu, the Tiny Panda Pokemon

    For this species, agility is life. This Pokemon is naturally quick and swift, relying mostly on speedy moves and super effective hits. It becomes Dark-type when evolving.

    Waxan, the Wax Pokemon

    This Pokemon is mischievous and playful, and becomes more active in the night, when it haunts wanderers in old buildings. It becomes Ghost-type when evolving.

    Corya, the Sponge Pokemon

    This Pokemon has troubles walking on land, as it is adapted to the sea. It's anatomy makes it slow but very resistant. It furthers its resistance by becoming Steel-type when evolving.