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Well My Fav Legndary is Moltres.

my Legndaryies:
-Mew{Got to Gameshark)
-Mewtwo(Took 2 Ultra balls)
-Moltres(Took 1 Utlra ball)
Suicune(Used Master Ball)
Articuno(Took 24 Utlra Balls)
Zapdos(Took 25 Utlra balls)
All three Regis(65 utlra Balls in all)
Rayquaza(Used 65 Utlra Balls)
Groudon(Took 55 Utlra balls)
Kyogre(Took 1 utlra ball)
Latias(Used Master ball)
Latios(used Master ball)
Jirachi(Got to Nintendo event)
Deoxys(Got it with Download of ArouaTicket)
Pokemon I adore:
But my Most fave is....

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