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Hi everyone.
Here is some small updates.
I'm trying to finish the demo version. If the rom doesn't have problem, i will release the demo version this weekend or next week. (I think it isn't a beta version because i will change many things in the future and you can only have one badge.) I'm working on graphics and mapping. So some screens isn't good.

1/ New text on the title screen
I changed the old text. On the left is the old version and the new version on the right

2/ Prof Birch Lab
A mixture between Platinum and HGSS.

3/ New Character - Sky
I haven't changed the OW Sprite and Trainer Sprite for him yet. I think I'll get Lucas Sprite in Platinum.

4/ Choose Starter

5/ The First Event: Cresselia Encounter
It is only a illusion of Cresselia. Mt Fullmoon is his house, at it is nearly hero's town. I haven't change the mountain tiles yet. :\There are many tiles that we have to remake.

6/ Pokemon Sprites Fixed
I fixed some Pokemon Sprites that have some glitches. You can see in the first post.

7/ New Ice Tile:
Thanks to loitraitim, here is the tile of the snow city- Searound City. The city has 4th Gym.


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