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Originally Posted by Korronensu View Post
Okay, I solved my earlier problem, but now have a new question: How do you know what size space to reserve for your song if it happens to be longer than the original?

And also, how do I tell a song to repeat?

I set the song Phendrana Drifts From metroid prime in the game, but it only plays once before the game goes silent. How do I fix that?
You need to loop it. Find the thread for GBA Music Looping by Clonex25.

Originally Posted by Da GaMeFrEaK View Post
Okay... I got this "vbalCbEx.ocx" and my previous error requesting that file is now gone. However, there are two new errors, one indicating that the "ActiveX component can't create object", and another that says:

Failed to load control 'vbalCboEx' from vbalCbEx6.ocx. Your version of
vbalCbEx6.ocx may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version
of the control that was provided with your application.

This doesn't make sense, given that Sappy didn't come with the
2006 version of vbalCbEx6.ocx when I downloaded it. I looked all over
the internet for this file, and didn't find anything. The first message...
I just don't get at all. All I want to do is import a custom song into my
FR hack... why do I need all these extra components?!?! FYI: I am
temporarily using a Vista computer. My home computer's OS is
XP. Would this have anything to do with my problem? Any advice would be
Originally Posted by Hana~ View Post
I've got error 339:

Component vbalCbEx6.ocx or one of its dependencies missing or invalid.

I've downloaded vbalCbEx6.ocx and am running Vista. Help?
Okay this is for both of you. Go to the Elitemap homepage and download the Sappy from there since the one included in this tutorial doesn't include the runtime files and it seems Sappy will only work with the runtime files from the folder it was extracted from.
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