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Here are 6 fusions that I made. I will put a little description with each.

This is a fusion of charmander and bayleef. The only charmander part fs the tail, so it's not too brilliant. Becuase it has a fire tail, I made the green bits at the neck and the leaf fire like to match.

I named this one Chicoquil for obvious reasons. I'd been chucking this one around for a while, making more and more versions. I thknk this is the final one, but I might change the fire colour.

This has to be my pride and joy. I spent about an hour on this making it perfect and I love it to bits. It is named Luxeon.

Has to be my worst fusion ever. I posted this up for the sake of how bad it is.

When I did this one, it didn't come out to bad. It is a fusion of Happiny (I think) and Sentret.

THis one was a little odd :/. It's a fusion of espeon and teddiursa.