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Originally Posted by trebornosliw View Post
Oh, I get it now! No wonder I also couldn't find them in A-map!
The Totodile and "secret Pokemon" are a great idea. One thought though. Instead of letting the player get all of the Johto region starters, have you considered staggering it (so like one from Kanto, one from Johto, one from Hoenn)? I guess it really doesn't make too much of a difference, and I love Feraligatr anyway. Also, will there be some sort of event where Cyndaquil 'smells' the other Cyndaquils in a Knox base? Like a rescue mission type thing?
Although if the plot get's any deeper, I'll drown.
Incredible job, cooley, keep it up. Maybe if we all sign a petition we can get Nintendo to hand over the rights to you...
By the way, what was the inspiration for "Sprash" attack?
There's going to be something like that. But what if Cyndaquil is evolved/deposited? And for the starter questions, I just don't want it that way.. I don't want for the Player to be able to catch every Hoenn starters because then I'd have to add more Hoenn Pokemon into the wild. I want him to be able to catch around 150 mix of Kanto and Johto and a few Hoenn(legendaries, and common pokes), like original games. Don't be mad at me for this

The SPRASH attack, was inspired by Hoppip. I like that Pokemon, and didn;t want to change it's moveset. I didn't realize it only learned Splash and Synthesis when I caught and, an unknowinly put it as a last resort pokemon (my Cyndaquil fainted ) Yep. I lost that battle.

Since Magikarp is a sorry Pokemon, I wanted to keep it like that, and edited Splash to do damage based on the opponents level.