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    Position Needed: Fakemon Spriter - Front/Back
    Game: Pokémon Obsidian

    The character has just returned home from a trip to Hoenn after a fire was started in your hometown and renovations were done at your house. Through the game there will be clues to how the fire started, but they will be hidden and seperate from the main story.

    The antagonists is called the DectTEC Coporation. Nobody bar the protagonist has noticed their evil doings, you notice something suspicous by the way members of the corporation act around you. I've got sort of a Jesse/James recurring character idea in my head, where you keep running into the same pair of secretaries, before you meet your first grunt.

    The whole world thinks they're just a big electronics company, but during the game they battle you and express evil tendencies. This make the player curious and in one of the major cities in the game you break into their major building headquarters and sniff around. You discover there that the Corporation is trying to infect the Pokémon Centers healing machines with a deadly virus (a virus that they have taken from a very rare LEGENDARY pokémon).

    Maplebranch Town

    Route 231

    Honeydew Town

    Route 232

    Serenity Woods


    *credit to Kyledove and Saurav for tiles

    Just to prevent confusion as people congratulate me on my great tile making skills, i am not the Alistair who is a master spriter.

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