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Originally Posted by techie775 View Post
Well I tried what you said but now it locks up when you try to talk to sudowoodo. The question I have is how do you enter in the script offset from the example you gave me in to advance map? I'm not familar with dynamics and I don't know how to insert the offset without the numbers for it. And I'm having trouble saving over the script now to try an fix it. I press openscript from advancemap,make the the changes, then compile right? Then Close PKSV? I'm mad at myself for not backing it up before I messed around with it.
The dynamic offsets give you their "real" offset value after you compile it, in a dialog box.

You shouldn't edit scripts you open from advancemap - this is extremely likely to overwrite other scripts.

You can, however, go on to the decompile dialog (the offset will be magically there), check the option in the "dynamic" box, and press "decompile", which will turn it into a dynamic script AND add a "jump" command so that you don't have to edit the offset.

Oh, and I forgot "waitspecial" in the script - added now.
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