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    Well my question is if you can't use Advance Map to edit you scripts,
    then how do you do it? That Decompile method in pksv? I got it so it work like I had it before but when you leave the area and return the tree flag resets it's there again and starts over where you can battle him again. I don't understand what you mean about jump commands. I think I have to put a command in @org code3 so make sudowoodo disappear if you've already battled it. I'm sorta new at alot of this stuff so I might not catch it all. Thanks again.
    Here's my script
    #dynamic 0x740000
    #org 0x740000
    jump @start ' This redirects the script to your dynamic-offset version. Remove this line if you don't want this.

    #org @start
    jump @code2

    #org @code2
    checkflag 0x225
    if true jump @code3 ' Flag is set
    cry SUDOWOODO 0x0
    msgbox @text1 ' GYAOOOO!!!!
    callstd MSG_LOCK ' Built-in lock command
    battle SUDOWOODO 40 NONE
    special BATTLE_WIPE
    disappear LASTTALKED
    setflag 0x225

    #org @code3

    #org @text1
    = GYAOOOO!!!!