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Hack Name :
Pokémon Safari
Hack Of : Pokémon Emerald
Author : Counterfeit
Think Pokémon Snap, but for the GBA.

You are a young freelance photographer who is visiting the region of Mahronge, rumour has it that a strange Pokémon has been spotted near one of the villages there.
Struggling to pay the bills back home you're hoping that this could be your big break;
Find the Pokémon, snap a couple of shots and claim the reward, simple right?

Brand new photo system with upgradeable camera!

New Mahronge region!

New bag gui!

Use bait to lure out Pokémon!

New Hotels and Lodges to stay in!

Get rid of the POKéDEX option in the pause menu. (clearflag 0x861 doesn't work)

Get a better storyline.

Add choices of bait to the drop bait script

Insert D/P tiles.

If I want this to turn out as good as I'd like it to be I'm going to need plenty of help.
However I'm not going to start a hacking team yet, as it's still only in it's early stages.

If you do want to help out then PM me with details of what you can do.
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