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Great! But a deteailed explanation on how to get the dang thing to run is needed, badly. It's been a real headache trying to figure it out.

EDIT: Ah, here we go. You need WinRAR installed to do this.

-One you've downloaded all 3 parts, open any one of them up and open the "Pokemon Pyrite" folder.
-There should be 3 files in there: "Audio" (we'll use this later), "Pokemon Pyrite.exe", and "ReadMe.txt". Click and drag "Pokemon Pyrite.exe" onto your desktop.
-Once it's on your desktop, double click on it and click "OK". This will create a new folder called "Pokemon Pyrite" on your desktop. To make explaining this easier, re-name this new folder "PP Folder".
-Remember how I told you we'd use that "Audio" file later? Click and drag it into "PP Folder".
-Open up "PP Folder".
-Double click on "Game", and enjoy!
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