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Originally Posted by Mkmaster2400 View Post
How do you Take your scripts from pksv, and add them to your game and stuff like that. I am new to all this. I'll tell you how much of a noob I am. I thought as soon as you opened your rom, made the script, and saved, that it was on your game already. I guess thats not how it works.
I have two scripts I want to make and copy to my game.
1. a trainer battle
2. Pokemon battle event
And one more question. How do you make a person to use the battle script and battle you? I'm using the script generator. Thanks.
You press F9 to insert the script into the ROM (to open a ROM, drag it into the PKSV window - you won't get any confirmation, but that will open it).
If you put #quiet at the start of your script, it will only show you important messages in the log window, so you won't have to scroll.

To make a person use the battle script, there are 2 steps: 1. Use a trainer ID that you have edited in a trainer editor, and 2. After compiling, you will be given a dynamic offset list - there should be a hex number (0x-whatever) just after the name of the first part of the script, copy that number and paste it into AdvanceMap's script offset box for a person.

Your "Script Offset" box should now look something like (your number will vary):
And next time you load the map, the "0x8" will be replaced by "$" (this doesn't mean it has changed at all, it's just another way of showing it).

Originally Posted by Rocket Grunt Kyle View Post

I hate to say it, but I am another noob needing help! I am sure this is mentioned somewhere along the line. But after reading 5 pages, it all starts to blur!
Well, everyone is a noob at one point. The first few pages are outdated, anyway (back in the good old days of the commandline interface).

I am trying to make a new event (I am just trying basic stuff to learn, baby steps.). Basically just a pokeball that gives an item. I am placing it on route 1. I use advanced map to place the event. What I cant figure out for the life of me is its offset code. I know there is an offset number at the bottom of the screen. But when I type that code in the offset box i get an error. Also I notice if i click on another event, one that was already there from the game, these two codes are different.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


If you want to make an item in a pokeball, the script you would use is:
#dyn 0x740000
#org @start
copyvarifnotzero 0x8000 POTION 'A Potion
copyvarifnotzero 0x8001 1 'One of them
callstd MSG_FIND ' Does the MSGBOX, ADDITEM, DISAPPEAR, and SETFLAG for you.
Then to stop the pokeball reappearing, set its "Person ID" in AdvanceMap to an unused flag - you can record your flag usage in PKSV's flag list, if you haven't used any yet it's best to start with 0x200 or similar.

My reply above will probably help with inserting scripts from PKSV with AdvanceMap.
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