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    @ pokefanT: Find it, then click "save as"

    @ Wiggletghfh: I don't remember try searching and if you see a piece of the title screen then it should be in that area.

    @ Inferno-ape: Could you post a picture so we can help?

    @ indoheckrz: Search in the same area as the other title screen pieces. Then it's the same process.

    @ meganium14: You need to break it up into separate rectangles that are the length of the final product. Then, match each piece up according to it's place in the original. So in other words, the top bar in yours needs to match up with the top bar in the rectangle. I know that's confusing but it's the only way I can think of putting it.

    @ tboandfshady: There is another way. It's called tilemap editing. It has more flexability but is still pretty difficult for first timers.

    Sorry if I'm intruding myfavouriteax I was just trying to give some advice. I don't think you'll mind though, less typing for you!
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