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Could I request a Leaf Green file?
I lost my memory stick with the sav file on.
Player's name:Junebug
Playing time :14:35
Number of Badges: 8
Location: Indigo Plateau
-Auroura Beam
-Hydro Pump
-Hydro Cannon
-Zap Cannon
-Hyper beam
-Fire blast
-Aerial Ace
-Drill peck
Lugia,57 (Legit, VBA linked from Shiny gold)
-Ice beam
-Hydro pump
-Aerial Ace
Default moveset
Default moveset
Pokémon in box:I had alot but there's only a few I care about;
Articuno, lv.50 Default moveset
Gengar, Lv.51
-Shadow ball
Charmander Lv.5
Bulbasaur lv.5
-Leech seed
Mankey (Shiny) Lv.3
Additional information:
Complete Kanto pokedex. (Not national!!)
Still had my masterball.
2x Exp. share..
All key items.
Tripass and Rainbow pass.

If you can do this you are awesome!!
If no-one does, can someone tell me how to make a .sav file like that...