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Originally Posted by 12345 View Post
try with mugs :\

Huh? I don't know, it's work well with me. :\
If everyone can't patch this file, PM me for the patched file or I'll make another one.
Try UPS File:
It didn't work on ruby with mugs. Just reminding.
When I patch the ups. file to pokemon ruby, this is the message:

To directly patch source file, a temporary file is being made.
Upon successful patching, the target file will be replaced with this.

Applying patch file 'H: Pokemon\Pokemon Explorers of Sky\Pokemon Explorers Of Sky Demo' ...
Reading file 'H: Pokemon\Pokemon Explorers of Sky\0907 - Pokemon - Ruby Version (U).gba' ...
Target file is 'H: Pokemon\Pokemon Explorers of Sky\0907 - Pokemon - Ruby Version (U).gba.utm' ...
Patch application will take approximately 0 minute(s), 16 second(s).
Please be patient ... UI will not be responsive during this time.

Failed! Input checksum is invalid.
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