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    Thanks. Is it my first game? No, It's my third. The first is not worth mentioning. The second was for a University project and was a isometric game 6 years ago. I did the level design. Again, not worth too much mention. This is the first game I have worked on since then. I have used a few development systems (eg DizzyAGE) but had trouble programming it. This is the first time I have programmed a game to this level. I did do a hack of Pokemon Red a few years ago. It is called Pokemon 151. It was very basic and was a game where you could catch all the Pokemon in logical locations (no Mew's, Bulbasaur's or Squirtle's on route 1). I think it is availabe on Doh Games.

    BTW, I can read your signature.

    I have uploaded version 1.1 which has all the error's fixed and some others I noticed eg you are supposed to be able to buy Apricorn's from the farm shop after you finish the Pallet Town part of the story.
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