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Originally Posted by MC Blaze View Post
It looks like a spin-off... a really good spin-off, not that Pokemon Dash or Trozei garbage. And yeah, you need to work on the story. Good luck with that.
Eh, it's just the main goal at the end;

It's going to be much more side-quest/minigame orientated really, and I've got a whole stack of those planned. :]

Originally Posted by Mages4ever View Post
This looks very interesting.
Though one question.
For the camera, is it like how the safari zone works? Or is it different?
Also, I like what you did with the menu.

So, the point of the game is to take pictures then right?
Yeah, I'm using the safari script and then modifying it as I need to.

The bag menu or the bait script?

And yes, that's the point. :]