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Originally Posted by 0m3GA ARS3NAL View Post
Yes, I am an XSE fanboy, but only because it teaches you things, not does everything for you.
I have yet to see anything learned from XSE that can not be learned as easily, if not more easily, from PKSV.
Having a script generator provides easy access to common scripts, and should not be relied on. However, you can still reverse-engineer the generated scripts and learn from them.

Also, 0m3GA, try PKSV for a little while... you will like it. (See the Flag Skeleton 2 in the script generator for one of my favourite (from a programmer's PoV) features.)
Originally Posted by narutoactor View Post
yeah but for a quick script its oaky thats why they have generators
And is also why I added, for example, the quick starter script for testing a hack, and the flag skeleton scripts. I take almost all script generator suggestions (rejecting only those that are just not common enough to warrant quick pasting everywhere).

Originally Posted by techie775 View Post
I tried doing script for entei now and I used the script generator, battle pokemon , but when I decomplie it all it says is a bunch of raw 0XFF lines and then crashes. Do I have to put #org @start in the first line in the decompling box

#dyn 0x8750000
#org @start
special 0x187
compare LASTRESULT 2
if == jump 0x81A7AE0
special 0x188
cry ENTEI 2
pause 0x14
playsound 0x156 0x0
battle ENTEI 50 NONE
setflag 0x807
special 0x138
clearflag 0x807
special2 0x800D 0xB4
compare LASTRESULT 1
if == jump 0x8162558
compare LASTRESULT 4
if == jump 0x8162561
compare LASTRESULT 5
if == jump 0x8162561
setflag 0x223

this is all gone when you decompile it and gives a jump 0xFFFFFFFF I don't know if I'm doing something wrong with the dyn# in the offset box or what.
You're most likely putting the number in "#dyn" in the offset box, judging by the sound of your post - you're meant to put the number given to you when you compile it, in a dialog box.
Off the top of my head, it goes something like this:
@start <-> 0xReal-offset (0x1234 bytes)

Originally Posted by Mkmaster2400 View Post
What do I put as the person ID?
Ok this is what I did.
1. Used the script generator to make the script.
2. Hit f9
3. put the script offset to 0x200. Now what?
Eep, you were meant to set the person ID to 0200, not the script offset to 0x200... To get the real script offset of a dynamic script, see my last quote. The person event number (NOT person ID) should usually not be changed.
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